Infrared GLASS Heating Panel With Print 600w – 60x90cm

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Infrared GLASS Heating Panel With Print 600w – 60x90cm

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Infrared Glass Heating Panel With Print 600w – 60x90cm

Customize the panel with any of your photo or choose a print from our Gallery


Infrared Glass Heating Panel With Print 600w – 60x90cm


To buy a custom print panel
1 – add the product to the basket;
2 – complete the purchase;
3 – choose the image to print (one of your photos or click here to see our gallery);
4 – send the file to info@smeenergia.com with the number of your order.

IR panels use the principle of irradiation. Irradiation is a system of heat exchange which uses infrared waves as vectors.  In fact, two bodies or objects having different temperatures naturally irradiate towards each other, and the heat-flow goes from the warmer object to the colder one. The radiation emitted in the panels is absorbed by the objects (such as a cold wall or a person…) and transformed into heat.
The most important thing is that waves are not absorbed by the air, but from solid bodies. This, turns them into heat energy, which is transmitted into the environment, and allows you to create optimal conditions of comfort.

The IR heating system warms objects and not the air, this is the main difference that allows you to get healthier environments; All the objects of the room will be brought to a temperature of 20/22 ° C so that the environment will be heated in a uniform manner and there will never be high temperatures perceptible to the touch.

This heating system only needs a power socket to operate which, combined with the photovoltaic, make this heating system a great solution as it allows to create the first heating system with ZERO emissions and functioning costs.


– No dust moving
– No noise
– Stop to mold and moisture
– Infrared rays have beneficial effects on our health
– Can be installed on a wall or ceiling
– Stylish and exclusive design
– Customisable with photos
– No maintenance needed

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 11 kg


Metratura consigliata m²




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